Welcome to my personal website.
Here you can find my VFX reels,
for viewing, my private reel
please ask for password.

Fine Arts background.
Comp and Finishing VFX.
3d acknowledge. Cg Deep and Multipass.
Key and Paint work.
Cleaning/Rebuilding/Redraw surfaces.
Set Extension.
Experienced On Set and Color Grading.

Nuke since 2010 (Films)
Flame/Smoke since 2005 (TV and ads)
As Graphist since 1999 (TV and animation)

As director I co-wrote and shoot
"Instrucciones para una nueva vida",

an independent long feature
screened at Spain, Chile, Italy, Cuba,
Argentina and Brasil Festivals
and showed on cable tv at USA and CANADA.

Feel free to contact at

SPAIN         +34 679665020
UK              +44 (0) 771 664 1693
SKYPE         "solomiren"







FILM REEL (2017)

TV REEL (2010)

SHORTs REEL (2011)


TV REEL (2015)